Our Life in 20 Cell Phone Snapshots

Sunday, April 29, 2012 15:44
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So I finally got around to getting the pictures off of my phone.  It’s only been about 8 months, but I did it!  When looking through all the goodness that I had saved on that smart little thing, I realized that we really do have a random, RANDOM life.  So here’s to that random life of ours- “Mundo Classroom Life in 20 Cell Phone Snapshots.”  It is random, but it is oh so good!

image: First Pic

Mini Us


image: Ahh!  Baby!

Creepy Baby In The Pantry


image: Basketball

Family Basketball Jam


image: Stuck in a Basket

Zu in a Basket


image: SF Traffic

San Francisco Story: Traffic


image: Huge Spider

Can You Spot the Spider?


image: Zu Man

My Zu


image: Rocket Computer

Rocket Computer!


image: General Conference Tent

General Conference in a Tent


image: First Timer

First Timer!


image: Reading Maps

Map Skills


image: Shopping Cart Art

Shopping Cart Art


image: Inspecting Pumpkins

Inspecting Pumpkins


image: Playing Piano

Playing Piano


image: Mechanical Bull

Do-It-Yourself Mechanical Bull


image: Ela Eating

Simply Ice Cream


image: Snowboarding

I Love Utah!


image: Husband

Marriage Material


image: Name that Plant

Plant Identification


image: Ela Art

Ela’s Artwork


Unschooling is Fun!

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