Friday, April 20, 2012 11:26
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image: Sibling Love

One day I found these two next to the back door, with Zu excitedly jabbering about something and pointing out the window. Ela had her arm around him and was nodding and playing along, while pointing to the same things as a way to say, “Yep, Zu, that is pretty cool.”  Ela has taken on her role of big sister so well, and loves to interact with and teach Zu just about everything.

image: Brothers Reading Star Wars

And on another day, I glanced back at J-Zee, to find him reading one of his Star Wars books to Zu, while they were both wielding their lightsabers. And not only that, but he let Zu have the biggest one!  Brother bonding time. I love it!

image: J-Zee Reading

And even when they are playing independently, I love it when they just stop and get good and distracted by a great book in the middle of the chaos

image: Tunnel Reading

or when I find them cuddled up with a book in the strangest places.

These are definitely some Moments to Remember!

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