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Saturday, March 10, 2012 12:57
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We were able to go to the Church History Museum in downtown Salt Lake City last month for our group field trip. The exhibit that we attended was called “A Book of Mormon Fiesta: A Latin–American Celebration.” The kids had a lot of fun learning about various aspects of modern Latin American culture within the framework of the gospel and various scripture stories.

image: Writing

The Man of the House even got into some of the exhibits.  Here he is (above) copying ancient looking writing on a gel-type pad (it seemed like a thinner, more professional version of these).

image: Fishing

They were also able to fish from the side of Nephi’s boat (this was probably J-Zee’s favorite)

image: Huge Building Blocks

and build temples with larger than life building blocks.

image: Dolls

Ela really liked the wooden dolls with the velcro and felt clothing.  We might need to pick up a set of these for her.  She was in love!

image: Shape Garden

The overall group favorite was probably the food section of the exhibit.  They had a shape matching garden area where you could sort by shape, color, or food type.

image: Dining with the Missionaries

There was also a table where you could feed the missionaries

image: Chickens

and a chicken coop out back where you could gather fresh eggs.

image: Mixing Music

My personal favorite was the sound mixing station.  It had several Primary Songs to choose from that were being played with traditional Latin American instruments.  You could have the song play with just one of the instruments, or you could add in as many instruments as you wanted.  It was pretty fun, but a bit confusing for J-Zee.  Looks like we need to focus on music a bit more before we try something like this again.

image: Dance Lessons

Ela’s favorite part of the exhibit was getting to dress up and dance to the Latin music.  They had two big screens set up with simple dance instruction- one side for boys and the other side for girls.  She loved twirling in the large skirt (and having a flower headband to wear was just icing on the cake).

image: Yellow Dress

J-Zee didn’t really get into the dancing, but he loved driving the delivery truck with his trusted sidekick

image: Truck Drivers

and he really got into the tortilla toss.  He only hit the sister missionaries twice, lol.  They soon moved out of the tortilla flight path, though.  After that, he was much more successful.  :)

image: Tortilla Toss

And then we finished up the day by embossing special necklaces for everyone to take home.

imaeg: Embossing

It was a fun, wholesome adventure that was definitely worth the drive downtown.  If you are in the area, you should check it out!  This exhibit is open through the end of the year and it’s FREE!

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