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Sunday, March 4, 2012 13:10
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While we were in Las Vegas, Nevada a few weeks ago, we were able to check out a Botanical Cactus Garden adjacent to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory (more on the chocolate factory later- it’s pretty cool place!)

The Cactus Garden was pretty awesome, and is actually one of the world’s largest of its kind. If you have an extra hour or two while in the area, I highly recommend stopping by! The groundskeepers do an awesome job, and the variety is amazing!

image: Rabbit

One of the workers went out of their way to show us this cute little bunny rabbit that was hanging out near the entrance of the garden.  The kids loved it!

image: Rabbit Ears Cactus

And how fitting that the rabbit was chilling right next to the “Rabbit Ears” cactus.  It must have known- what a smart rabbit!

image: Aloe Family Cactus

And while we were looking at this cool cactus (above) I thought out loud, that looks like an aloe vera plant. Turns out, it is in the aloe family! I was so very, very proud of myself. :)

image: Old Man of the Andes

There were tons of really interesting cactuses (did you know that cacti, cactuses, and cactus are all accepted plural forms of cactus?) This one looked like it had long gray hair hanging off of it, and was aptly named “Old Man of the Andes.”

image: Argentine Toothpick

And this one above is dedicated to my brother. The Argentine Toothpick!

image: Prickly Pear

The kids thought this one was “silly” because it looked like strawberries were growing all over it, but it is called a Prickly Pear. I wonder why?

image: Ethel M Chocolate Factory Botanical Cactus Garden

The gardens were beautiful,

image: Cactuses

but apparently a little scary too. J-Zee now claims he is afraid of cactuses. Silly boy.

image: Cacti

It was a great (and much needed) nature break after spending a couple days surrounded by the concrete and neon lights of Vegas.

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