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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 11:59
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January’s Book Club was based on the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr and illustrated by Eric Carle. I picked this book because of the repetition and fun illustrations.

We started off book club by rereading the book as a group and talking about our favorite parts. We talked a bit about the illustrations and then watched the end of this clip:

We skipped the first part of the video and started at 1:42, since we were most interested in how he creates his interesting illustrations.

image: video

Next up, we talked briefly about our 5 senses. We pointed out how Brown Bear, Brown Bear was about sight and then read another book in this “series” that was about another one of the senses- hearing!

I really liked reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? with the kids because they were making all the sound effects for us. I don’t know what braying like a zebra or flirting like a flamingo sounds like, but they sure do! It was a fun read aloud.

We spent the remainder of our book club time (and then some- this was a marathon of sorts, lol) doing some fun, messy art projects.  The goal was to collect a group of pages that each had a different texture and feel so that we would have our very own animal book focused on a different sense- touch!

image: Melting Crayons 1

The kids really liked each of these projects, but two of the favorite parts of the day were melting the crayons and using q-tips to spread glue (more on that later in the post). It’s the simple things in life sometimes, right? :)

image: Melting Crayons 2

We started by coloring a few pages as a group, and then I pulled them one at a time to create their bat page. I set up a candle warmer (I got the idea from this pin) and held the paper for them as they colored and watched the crayons melt onto their page, right before their eyes! This made for a fun waxy pool of color, that hardened within seconds to create an interesting bat-ish texture for their page. The candle warmer was just the right size (less hot pad to touch) and reached a warm enough temperature to melt the crayons without being too hot.

image: Glue!

Next up, the second novelty of the day- a community plate of glue.  Wow.  I had no idea this would be so very popular!  We first used the glue to attach our toothpicks to our porcupine.

image: Toothpick Porcupine

And then made a mess with it as we put short hair onto our bull.

image: Bull Hair

And when I say we made a mess, we definitely made a mess!

image: Messy Hair

Our other pages and projects for the day included gluing feathers on a duck

image: Duck Feathers

and ripping tin foil sheets into little pieces to make scales for our fish.

image: Shiny Fish

We also had to do a cotton ball sheep

image: Soft Sheep

and the messiest project of them all- glue and glitter on dragonflies!  Oh me, oh my… what an innocent thing- glitter.  I had no idea glitter was so evil!  That stuff might not come out again for awhile, lol.  I was cleaning that glitter out of our dining room area for weeks.  In fact, there might still be some there, hiding.  And mocking me and my naïveté.

image: Glitter Dragonfly

After we were all done, I tied all the pages together with some string (I had pre-punched the pages with a hole punch before we started) and, voila!  An instant, personalized, touch and feel animal book.  The plan had been to talk about adjectives and narrate the book to each other in true Brown Bear-esque style, but we were so very done at this point.  Instead, we finished up with an animal cracker and string cheese snack and called it a day.

You can check out our other Book Club books here or see what other book inspired art projects people have going on over at stART.

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